Natural stone interior cladding in Alicante (Spain)

sinkmar s.l.

In Sinkmar S. L. we have been offering our services to the general public since 1986. We are specialised in marble for cladding and we are located in the town of La Romana, in Alicante.

Luis Iñesta was responsible for creating the company dedicated to the manufacture of natural stone. Since then we have grown in human and technological capital to become what we are today, a benchmark in the country in the production of national and foreign marble.

We have a team of experts made up of workers from all areas of the company: production and processing, administration, logistics and sales. We ourselves manage the entire marble production process from the quarry to its final destination.



Would you like to know how we work at Sinkmar S. L., La Romana? Here we explain it to you. In addition, we also invite you to get to know all our facilities and projects.

We have 8,000 m² of covered facilities, where the machinery is located, and 50,000 m² of outdoor area. All designed for perfect production, storage and distribution logistics.

Our facilities and machinery allow us to cover the whole range of natural marble products.



Our four looms, with a capacity of 420 cubic metres of cutting per week, provide sufficient material for the polishing and workshop sections.


The automatic strengthener, with its gradually controlled drying ovens, gives the material the necessary strength for further processing.

polishing boards

The automatic slab sizing and polishing line completes the final finish, leaving the surface of the stone perfectly finished and ready for distribution.

Slab Polishing

We have state-of-the-art slab polishing lines, with the adaptability to produce a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses.


Our skilled workers use the highly productive bridge disc with 830 mm diameter disc as well as prepared sections with hand discs for special cutting and finishing.

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