Travertine Interior

Travertine marble is one of the most widely used natural stones. It can be used for many works and to achieve a wide variety of finishes. In fact, it can be seen in washbasins, fountains, etc.

Calcite and gypsum are part of this material, which has a porous texture. It is a material that can also be used in houses and even on the edges of swimming pools.

Travertine marble is a porous, limestone rock used in architecture, construction and decoration. It consists of calcite and gypsum. It is a very resistant and elegant material, which lasts for many years (it can last a lifetime) and is easy to clean. All these components make it one of the most popular materials.

You have probably seen it on more than one occasion in the interior and exterior of all types of buildings. It is very common to see it on bathrooms, floors and walls. Even in swimming pools. Another of its advantages is that it allows you to obtain various finishes.


  • Because it is resistant and hard, this type of marble can be used both in interiors and exteriors of houses and in floors and walls. Thus, for example, we can see it in bathrooms, facades, floors, etc. It presents several finishes, such as natural, polished, honed or aged. It is also used to restore historical monuments.

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